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Personal eye wash products, and eye care kits offer an inexpensive solution that can be utilized to enhance your emergency preparedness, and improve critical response time. Self-contained eye wash stations can be easily installed at every work station where hazards are present and require no on-going maintenance other than to periodically check the expiration date. In addition, portable bottles with built-in eye cups and use instructions, are easy to add to job boxes and tool kits, making them ideal for mobile work forces.


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    1/2 oz. Eye wash, screw top, 24 per pack

    EYE WASH - HAWS Water Preservative Additive (1 each)

    HAWS 15 Minute Eye Wash Station

    1 oz. Eye wash, Screw Top

    Eye Magnet, w/ Loop - 1 each

    Eye wash, screw top, 32 oz.

    Eye Care Kit

    Eye Care Kit

    Eye Care Pack - 1 set per box

    Eye Cover With Ear Loop Mask - 50 per case

    Eye Cup, Plastic - 6 per via

    Eye Drops, Industrial Strength for Welder

    Eye Drops, Redness Reliever - 1 each

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