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Bleeding - Apply until stoppling direct pressure with gauze or towel. Clean minor cuts with Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply antibiotic ointment and band-aid.   Sprains - Apply ice to swelling immediately, and off for next 2 days. Seek referral for evaluation of injury. Use Ibuprofen to relieve inflammation and pain. Elevate extremities where swelling is present. Compression with elastic ...   More... >>

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This First Aid List is not intended to take the place of qualified help in the event of an emergency. In any emergency, always seek medical advice and assistance when you think it is needed. It is also recommended that you take a certified CPR and first aid course. ANIMAL BITEFlush the wound area with water and then wash with soap and water for at least five minutes. Cover with a clean dressing...   More... >>

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FROSTBITESIGNS AND SYMPTOMS: The skin of hands, feet, face or other areas first becomes red, then turns gray or white. Never rub frostbitten area with snow; that will only continue the chilling of the tissue and cause further damage. A gradual warming, by immersing the area in water that is slightly warmer than body , is safe for slight frostbite. Elevate the affected area, cover with dry and warm...   More... >>

Car first aid equipment

Whether you are planning one-day trips,  drive for a long distance, or just use the car for shopping, it is important to bring a car first aid kit. Order specially designed car first aid kit and customize it, using  the checklist below:   Antiseptic wipes/creams/solutions Calamine lotion Hydrocortisone cream Latex gloves Burn ointment Razor blade or knife First aid m...   More... >>