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Softsided First Aid Kit (186 piece)
$29.95 $27.50

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Softsided First Aid Kit (186 piece)

This is one of the most popular consumer first aid kits at our store. Kit is designed as all-purpose first aid solution and good for home, car and outdoor use.

This kit contains a large (186 piece) set of first aid supplies and medications for all major potential emergency situations.

All supplies are located to be easy to find. Kit goes in convenient red softsided bag.


Kit Contents: (show/hide)

Kit Dimensions: 11"x8-1/2"x3-1/4"

Total:186 pieces

SKU: FAO-452

Auto First Aid Kit (104-piece, softsided)
$18.95 $17.95

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Auto First Aid Kit (104-piece, softsided)

Be prepared for any emergency on the road with this Auto First Aid Kit. All you need in roadside emergency will be in your car, truck or urban vehicle. Supplies are easy to find in clear pocket pages.

This First Aid Kit specially designed for use on the road and includes call police flag, emergency accident report form, and a variety of first aid items carefully arranged in compartmental organizers.

Kit goes in red softsided bag, which is convenient to use and easy to find in case of emergency.


This kit contains: (show/hide)

Kit Dimensions: 7.25" x 2.38" x 9.5"
Total: 104 pieces

SKU: FAO-532

General Workplace First Aid Cabinet (15 person)
$89.99 $76.00

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General Workplace First Aid Cabinet (15 person)

This 15 Person 112-piece First Aid Cabinet Kit is ideal for medium businesses, offices and work sites.

Strong metal case is wall mountable yet has a handle for easy carrying. Snap in refill boxes make restocking very easy.


Meets all of the requirements established by OSHA and ANSI.

Kit Contents: (show/hide)

Total: 112 pieces

SKU: 1050-FAE-0103/FAO

OSHA First Aid Kit Metal Box (25 Person)
$37.50 $35.50

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OSHA First Aid Kit Metal Box (25 Person)

This kit with strong metal case is ideal for contractors, work sites, fleet vehicles and small companies with up to 25 employees. It meets federal OSHA recommendations and carries 17 critical products including antiseptics, bandages and medicine.

Kit Contents: (show/hide)

Kit Dimensions: 10-1/2"x7-1/2"x2-1/2"

Total: 106 pieces

SKU: 224-U/FAO

Be Safe in the Workplace
It is important to understand why accidents occur in order to prevent them. Having measures to counter accidents are more effective if they focus on the real culprits of the accident. An accident can occur due to unsafe acts or unsafe conditions. Most accidents in a workplace occur due to unsafe acts. When accidents occur, a first aid kit should be in place to care for the injured. To avoid an accident you should first avoid overconfidence. The mentality that something cannot happen to you is misguided. Such a mentality leads to using methods that are not proper. Arrogance is another dangerous trait that should be avoided. Arrogance leads to ignoring safety rules set by the administration. It is terrible to have a casual attitude towards rules. Avoid shortcuts as much as possible. If you take a shortcut most likely you will flout safety precautions. Ensure that you have read the safety rules in its entirety.

Always Carry Your First Aid Kit
A number of people will find much fun while taking part in sports such as skiing, mountain climbing, playing football as well as swimming. As much as these sporting activities involve a much fun, scores of people do not prevent themselves from suffering injuries. It is therefore good for those who are taking parts in these activities to have ready their first aid kit The kits should always have the necessary equipment to help in giving first aid to the injured. While may be taking part in mountain climbing, sharp protruding rocks may cut deep into your skin and make you bleed profusely. Use antiseptics that are expected to be in your kit to wash the wound. Use cotton wools to apply the antiseptic on the wound. Get your razor blade or scissors ready to cut the bandages. Use the bandage to tie the wound well. Give the patient pain relievers and in case the injury is serious, take him or her to the doctor.



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Selection. From small travel bags to fully equipped home kits, we've got one to fit any need. We offer OSHA and ANSI compliant first aid kits and cabinets for your business. First aid bags, designed to meet the needs of First Responders, EMTs, Fire and Ambulance services are also available.


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